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#MINO : Video Diary #4 MINO Team Indonesia 28th July 2016

During the last two weeks, we have done a lot of things.

First, based on the analysis and evaluation from our first lab research, we came up with a new idea for our technology, we designed a new model that is better and more effective. 

In this new design, we add PVC Pipe to make the water circulation more effective. Then, we will add biofloc to break down organic materials and remove toxic compounds from the water.

And being inspired from our training with intel, we will also develop an electrical system to make MINO work more effective and efficient. In this part of research we will be supported by Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology UGM.

Secondly, on July 19th 2016, we were visited by General (Purn) Dr. Moeldoko and his team. He is a former commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI), currently in his retirement , he’s been putting much interests in developing fisheries and agriculture Industry in Indonesia. 

After we had presentation and discussion with him, Mr.Moeldoko concluded that he was interested and willing to support us in developing this MINO Project.

And for the next two weeks, we will be focused on developing a better system for MINO and preparing the field trials of MINO.

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Behind the story:
When this video was made, actually I, Unta, Fajar was separated in various places. I am in Bangkok, Untari in Yogya and Fajar in Bandung.
I actually learn a lot from this team:
1. Trust each other. I always trust them if they will do the best that they can. And, they can trus me if i will do my best. It is make us can do a lot of things separately. We must collect our report one in two weeks, have some mentorship session once a week, all that things cannot happened well if we did not trust each others.
2. Help each other. Actually, we have a lot of another business. Our final thesis, our research, our hobbies, etc. But, actually we back up each other. They back up me when i had an  internship in Thailand, We back up Fajar, when he climbed mountain. 

Moreover, in the last April we had stranger conditions. I got the symptom of tuberculosis in Malang, Fajar got the symptom of dengue fever in Yogya, and Untari with her strange stomachache in Bogor. How can we did a lot of things separately? I just explain it in two words, trust and help.

After i am reflecting for a long time *cieeh
Then, I learn another things from this project.
3. A  lot of people help us. Actually we just 3 persons in one team. Only three. Sometimes, i thought if three persons was quite small to do a lot of things. But, Alhamdulillah, a lot of people help us. Literally a lot. From my friends in mechanical engineering which always supporting us, they always help us, lent their car, support even give us a smile to support, then Viky and Sunmor which will continue our research. A lot of lectures which support us Pak Deen, Bu Wiratni, Prof Rustadi, Bu Eni which has provide funding, laboratorium, recommendations, suggestions until fancy location for presentations. Mas Dani - the best technician i ever meet, Mas Majid, Laboran Pak Kus who helped us to give foods to our fancy Nila, Mbak Leni who always checking our samples every week, Anton, Mas Tamami and their friends, Bagus who helped us to make fancy videos and a lot - lot friends among us who always give up strength when we fall *wkwk.
The point that i would to say: We are not alone. We always have a lot of persons who helped us. It will happend in every single things in this world, believe me. Your job are to find them. Do together and make a difference!
4. Connecting the dots. This is Nabil's theorems of life *wkwk. How to influence people to make the same move with us? Is not a simply things, right?
Actually, isn't. Everyone have their needs, it will be a reasons for the peoples to move. We just, find the reasons for every persons, what is their want, what is their believes. Listen. If you can provide something that their want, we can make some movement together. Connecting the dots, connecting what they have, provide what they want.And you can make a big things happen, together =D. I learned a lot from this projects. Thankyou MINO =D.

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